Fly The Wave - Warrior (Aero-Marine) Ltd.


Warrior (Aero-Marine) Ltd is transferring all rights to its
seaplane portfolio to Ocean Aircraft Ltd for commercialisation.
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Warrior's GULL technology resolves many published navy and coastguard unmanned system challenges.

Warrior's strategy is to provide technology, designs, software and support services to a system integration company (potentially exclusively or under multiple licenses). This will enable communications and payload systems used in established systems to be reproduced in seaplane UAV systems, in quick, straightforward and low-risk programmes. This will enable customers to be offered inexpensive and easy-to-integrate solutions for maritime use, with the minimum of development expenditure.

The designs enable:

GULL 24 in Force 5

GULL 24 in Force 5

The GULL does not need either a prepared airstrip or launch/recovery equipment, using its robust STOL capability for water or field operations.

The GULL increases the range of maritime surface operations and decreases the time to achieve them. Its ability to switch between aerial and surface roles both increase effectiveness and reduce costs of achieving current and extended maritime functions.

These capabilities remove requirements for costly multiple interconnected systems and enable front-line organic operation in almost any circumstances. They thus have very positive implications to the acquisition of an unmanned system, whether operated from inland, shore or ship.